The hotel was beginning to get on my nerves. This morning it took 45 minutes to get into the breakfast and even then someone nicked my seat while I was at the buffet. I don’t suppose Hilton can control the clientele though. That probably sounds fairly snobby. However I’ve spent months sitting on Greyhound buses with many people who couldn’t afford to spend $100 dollars a night at the Double Tree and the vast majority of them were more polite and better behaved than a lot of the guests in this place.

With a decent bus ride ahead to Kansas City, I wanted to get a sandwich. This seemingly simplistic task proved extremely difficult in downtown Tulsa on a Sunday lunchtime. Most of the place was like a ghost town. None of the shops seemed to be open and there was a eerie lack of traffic. Google Maps had two Subway locations but they were both closed. Einstein Bagels was also shut. Clearly these establishments were here to cater to office workers. I couldn’t find a 7-Eleven, CVS or Walgreens, which are on almost every corner in a lot of cities. Just as I was about to give up so as not to miss the bus I spotted a Jimmy John’s. I’d imagine that people are rarely so relived to see a branch of this sandwich chain.

While Tulsa has Twenty Four Hours From Tulsa, I couldn’t get the Fats Domino song out of my on the way to Kansas City. “We’re going to Kansas City………” I’d made a bit of a rick with tonight’s accommodation though. The hotel situation would get worse but I’ll explain that later in the week. I planned to stay in a suburban Candlewood Suites hotel on a points redemption. However there weren’t any buses running near there on Sundays. I noticed this a few weeks ago so there was no panic. Instead I found a hotel near the airport for tonight that was easy to access with the power of being able to download bus timetables onto my phone and using Google Maps offline.