It’s back by popular demand. Well hopefully at least half of the ten people who asked whether I was writing a travel blog weren’t just being polite!

I’d imagine that a fair few people reading this already know me. Some may not so thanks to them for having a look, even if they clicked on the page by mistake or were expecting something else. According to its viewing figures, a fair few people from countries where I know absolutely nobody seemed to be reading my last (and only other) travel blog. At the time I wasn’t sure why this was. However I’ve since realised that there are certainly a lot worse ways to while away a bit of time than reading a random person’s travel blog.

I’d prefer not to reveal too much personal information about myself for various reasons:
1.) Once anything goes onto the internet it can’t be retrieved very easily. Plenty of people seem to be unaware about what they are putting into the public domain. Also I haven’t got a job nor a wife so I’d rather not have something hanging around that could come back to bite me on the backside later on in life. However as there’s a good chance that my mother may be reading this, all material will be of a PG nature. Not that any debauchery is likely to occur anyhow.
2.) If I unwittingly libel somebody, I’d rather not make myself too easy to find. My legal defence will be, “That has nothing to do with me, M’Lord.”
3.) Now I don’t know if this has ever happened but surely one day it will. Say someone needs to get an air ambulance from the deepest depths of the Australian outback. The insurance company then gets a bill for £15,000. They look at this person’s travel blog and notice that his or her shoulder is playing up for the first time in a while. This pre-existing medical condition has not been declared, invalidating the travel insurance and they refuse to pay up.
OK the last point is going into the tinfoil-hat level of paranoia but I’d still like to maintain a bit of privacy and dignity, and stalker-avoidance. That said I’ll probably let that many details slip that you wouldn’t need to be Monk to be able to locate me.

The next point to address is about why write a travel blog? A sizeable portion of internet blogs seem to be about serving the vanity of the author or at least contain a degree of narcissism. Hopefully if this resorts to that, someone will let me know. That would be much appreciated! From my point of view, friends and relatives often ask what I am up to how I’m doing so pointing them in the direction of this blog serves that purpose. I’m also attempting to put some photographs on for those who aren’t that interested in reading the reams of waffle or gibberish.  I acknowledge the photos aren’t great. Each day I probably take about 50 pictures, keep maybe 15, and put the best three or four on here, so you can imagine what the rejected ones look like! Another reason for blogging is to leave a memento that I can look back on in the future, as a record of what was hopefully some great times, especially as I seem to forget half the stuff that happens. Writing this also gives me a bit of structure and focus to my routine, at least for half an hour each day. Somehow you don’t look quite as big a loser if you’re alone in a pub making notes, rather than just gorping at the telly. In the previous sentence the spell checker was quite insistent about changing gorping to groping which is something particularly inappropriate to do in a bar!

I’ll try and update this reasonably frequently. One of the reasons for the big gap since I left home was finding an appropriate web host and also thing of a name for the blog. Deciding upon a name is the sort of thing where you can either get a good one straight away, or otherwise it takes ages. Finding something that isn’t either pretentious, narcissistic or already taken hasn’t been that easy. The one I came up with isn’t perfect but was the best I could think of, especially being a fan of the writings of Hunter S Thompson.

PS. This introduction has been actually quite hard to write. I’m not too comfortable talking about myself. As with a Tinder profile you look to other blogs for inspiration only to find a load of self-obsessed rubbish.

PPS. There will inevitably be loads of typos, grammatical errors and just plain nonsense from where Bill Gates has decided that he knows better than me about the word I’m trying to use! For a start I’m not even sure if PPS. should be capitalised with a full stop. And to be honest there aren’t enough hours in the day to find out!