Confusingly there are two separate cities called Kansas City. One is located in the state of Kansas (usually referred to as KCK) the other is in Missouri (KCMO). It took a bit of internet research to be able to get my head around this concept. Essentially they are one big city running across two states. KMCO is much larger and most of the things to do and see are located here. Despite there being the occasional sign saying “Welcome to Kansas” or “Thank You for visiting Missouri,” it wasn’t always clear once outside central KCMO as to which state you were in. There were some subtle differences. For instance KCK has stricter alcohol regulations with wine and spirits not allowed to be sold in convenience stores, unlike in KCMO. To add to the novelty, last night’s hotel was in Missouri, while the place I moved to today was in a Kansas suburb of Kansas City.

When staying outside of a city centre I always try to check public transport options. Here the bus service looked OK. According to Google Maps there appeared to be three buses into Kansas City that stopped very close to the hotel. Today I discovered that I’d dropped a major ball. One of the buses actually went to KCK and therefore not very close to the stuff I wanted to see in KCMO. A second bus only operated one daily journey. The only route was of more use but this was a commuter service operating between 6am and 8am, as well as 3pm and 6pm. This made getting to and from KCMO possible, although it didn’t offer much flexibility. The last bus into the city tomorrow morning left at 7.13am. After that the next bus was around one o’clock in the afternoon. At least I’d have to be up and out early to catch it. This also meant that the two full days I had planned to spend in central KCMO had now become one. The bus schedule would have meant that it wouldn’t have been possible to go into the city, come back to the hotel and then get back into KCMO for Wednesday night’s train to New Mexico. Walking the 12 miles was obviously out of the question and when I looked into taxi fares they seemed extremely steep.

Reading back on this post it’s possibly the most boring entry of the entire blog. There aren’t any photos and all it contains is a poor explanation of the layout and bus system of Kansas City. Tomorrow should be a lot better if I actually finally make it into Kansas City.