I was hoping to fit in a Madrid walking tour this morning. However, the earliest start time I could find was 11am. This wouldn’t have left enough time to get to the airport so instead I had a walk around the elegant boulevards and plaza. From what I saw from walking around for a couple of hours, Madrid seems like a decent city.

With a few spare Avios and no more travel plans for a while, I flew home in business class. The Salvador Dali Lounge was nice but the plane seat wasn’t anything special. Essentially the front two rows were curtained off from the great unwashed that I’m usually part off. There was no extra legroom, although the middle seats were left unoccupied. The meal was nice, you received plenty of drinks and you were spoken to nicely, something that you don’t always get at the back of the plane. While it’s a good value Avios redemption, I wouldn’t have fancied paying £350 for this service.

By teatime I’d landed at Manchester Airport, 384 days after departing from there. I’d been hearing a lot about the heatwave that had basked the UK for the past few days. Within half an hour of driving from the airport this had finished as the heavens opened.

So that’s it. I’ve had an amazing year, enjoyed some brilliant times, saw some mind-blowing things, lived the dream, and a few more cliches that certainly ring true.

One of my initial worries was about feeling old. This never really transpired. Most travellers felt roughly the same age, aside from the people maybe in their 50s and upwards. Fair play to them though for doing it, as you only get one life.

Safety was a potential issue but I never felt in danger. I don’t recall getting scammed (at least that I noticed), although I did run into a potentila swindles that I was already aware of. At least I made it home with the all important kidneys intact!

This is this final entry on this blog, aside from fixing a couple of links and tidying up the menus. Initially I expected it to be a few random musing. This has turned into 190,000 words, akin to a decent-sized book. Writing has actually been quite enjoyable and provided something to focus on and a bit of a routine at a time when you often don’t have a care in the world.


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