Panama Airport, even by airport standards, has some of the most outrageous prices I’ve ever seen. A 350ml can of Panama Beer – £5. A bottle of Evian water – also a fiver. A small (and I mean small) pizza – £10. A Bounty – £2.30. A small latte – fiver. A normal sized latte – £6.50! I forked out almost £9 for some sub-standard chicken and four potato wedges.

Airport prices and dodgy Uber drivers aside, I’ve enjoyed Panama. It has a nice laid back feel and almost felt like having a holiday to end my trip. As a big science fan, visiting the Panama Canal lived up to the expectations and will certainly stay in the memory.

As I boarded this evening’s flight to Madrid the reality that I was actually heading home began to set in. If I was a youngster I’d have inserted all sorts of sad emojis here.

Leaving Panama