Although I felt a bit better in myself today, I couldn’t get rid of a cough and spent an easy day around the hotel up in the picturesque Boquete hills. While it’s never nice to be unwell, if you must be ill, Boquete isn’t the worst place for it to happen. Most people were out and about zip-lining, coffee tasting, walking across bridges or bird watching today. There was a volcano hike that I’d considered doing but my walking shoes are no more after having fallen to bits and there was a good chance that the view wouldn’t have been great due to the heavy cloud coverage. I had decent WiFi and a nice verandah with a view to relax on.

At some point in the afternoon I eventually made it out of the room and headed for a walk down the hotel driveway path. The view was fantastic. Every now and then, clouds would part to give an amazing view of the valley.

Walking down the hotel driveway
A bit cloudy but still a great looking landscape