Quite a few people went on a boat trip to the Coiba, a former penal island colony and now national park. Apparently the wildlife is supposed to be great as it’s supposedly on the same sea drift as the Galapagos Islands. At least that’s what the woman who was selling the excursion to us said. Apparently while snorkelling you can see all sorts of interesting wildlife such as turtles. That seemed to sell it for a few people. However snorkelling in the Pacific also means jelly fish and sharks so I was out, especially with it not being a cheap trip either; $60 for the boat and gear, plus another $20 for the national park entrance. Everyone who went seemed to have a good time and enjoyed seeing the turtles.

After surfing and visiting Coiba, the next most popular activity in Santa Catalina appears to be chilling. After a sweaty walk around the Santa Catalina’s other beach, that we didn’t visit yesterday, I spent the afternoon in a hammock. With no WiFi to distract me, it was amazing how much blog writing could be done.

The only bar we could find open in Santa Catalina seemed to be closing up at around half past nine so therefore it was back to the hotel patio to make our own entertainment with some cards, in what turned out to be a decent night.

The nearest thing to a main road in Santa Catalina
The other beach in Santa Catalina
Plenty of rest and chillin today