Overnight I began to feel unwell. Nothing too drastic, just a bit of a sore throat and cough, along with a slight fever. When these things start, the fear is that it may exasperate, setting off a bit of paranoia especially being in a country with detected cases of Zika and malaria. However, when I awoke this morning I was feeling closer to fine than awful, although not exactly great (if that makes any sense). I’ve never been ill so much as on this trip. Usually I may get one minor ailment a year but this is the fourth time I haven’t been well. I guess it’s some sort of combination of not being able to eat particularly healthily, drinking more than usual, strange sleeping patterns and constantly moving between different environments.

I eventually made it onto the shuttle bus to spend a couple of hours in Boquete village. It doesn’t have the most picturesque buildings, aside from a pleasant-looking colonial-style Municipio Office. Its more of a functional place, although there are a few nice cafes and bakeries. The surrounding scenery is great though, with thick forestation covering the hillsides, along with many rivers, valleys and creeks.

This evening I didn’t even make it until last orders at the bar and was fast asleep long before 9pm.

Municipio Building
The stream running through Boquete (no name given on Google Maps)