Today’s drive seemed to take forever. We left Santa Catalina at around 10am and were due to arrive in Panama City at around 4pm. More heavy rain, combined with Friday rush hour traffic around the capital meant that we didn’t get there until after 6pm. At least we got to see the Panama Canal as the traffic crawled alongside it.\

The two main areas of Panama City of interest to tourists are the new part of the city with its skyscrapers and nightlife, as well as the old town area of Casco Viejo, containing some beautiful buildings and more nightlife. Our hotel was right in between the two, with not much of note within walking distance. Technically both areas weren’t that far away but we were advised not to walk to the old town in particular, due to it being adjacent to a supposedly fairly rough part of the city.

Jorge took us out on Panama City’s modern metro system to get some food. At 35 cents a ride this was one of the few bargains I’ve seen in Panama. With a long day ahead tomorrow we didn’t stay out late and were back on the metro towards home well before its surprisingly early closing time of 10pm.

The first glimpse of the Panama Canal