The bus to us Puerto Viejo wouldn’t have been entirely straightforward without a tour guide. First of all there are loads of small bus stations all over San Jose, depending upon your destination. Then at a mid-journey stop we changed buses for no obvious reason, onto a coach whose destination was displayed as San Jose. Anyway it still took us to Puerto Viejo. The scenery while passing through the mountains was really nice. With all the rain that seems to fall, it’s little wonder that Costa Rica is so green.

While the majority of Costa Rica beach action is found on the Pacific side, Puerto Viejo is the main beach town on the Caribbean coast. It was much smaller than I was expecting. The town itself only goes back about three or four streets from the beach and you can walk from one end to the other of the main area in a few minutes.

There is defiantly a Caribbean vibe happening in Puerto Viejo. I try to avoid lazy stereotypes but there’s plenty of lying around in hammocks going on, reggae music being played and a bit of a distinctive pungent smell in the air.

This evening’s food options were distinctly Caribbean-influenced. It was either chicken, beef, pork or fish, accompanied by rice and beans. There were no potato-based accompaniments on the menu. If you fancy a change they’ll do beans and rice. While Puerto Viejo has a bit of nightlife, I was last person home tonight, shortly after 10pm.

Puerto Viejo
One of the many beaches in Puerto Viejo