Most people went to a jaguar rescue sanctuary today but that’s not really my cup of tea. Instead I hired a bike and road along the coast road with deserted beaches along one side and lush rain forest on the other. The beaches around Puerto Viejo look quite nice but you could feel the currents at less than knee-deep depth in the sea, making them more surfing than swimming places.

Back at the hotel I saw Charles from the tour group sitting on a bench with a bit of a graze on his knee. He’d scraped his leg while biking across a bridge. I helped him put a plaster on and noticed that his skin had the sort of texture of an older person. When I first met Charles, I’d have put him in the mid-60’s age bracket. This afternoon I found out that he’s 81! Charles has been touring around Central America with young people for the past six weeks and today he’s been biking for miles around Puerto Viejo. I suppose that’s probably why he doesn’t look 81!

It took until day three of the tour to happen but finally some people went out tonight. First of all we watched a football World Cup qualifier, funnily enough between Costa Rica and Panama. It was an uneventful 0-0, a result good enough for Costa Rica to remain in a strong position to qualify for Russia 2018, while Panama’s fate was more in the balance. We had a good night, although I didn’t make it to the club where ladies night was in full swing. This wasn’t due to the blatant sexism and discrimination, more because my sensible side was reminding me about tomorrow’s early start.

Cycling along the coast road
Cocles Beach