Loads of places in San Jose are closed on Sundays. I quite like the am/pm convenience store chain as they sell reasonably priced and fairly edible sandwich and bakery items. It’s also self service, eliminating the need to converse in Spanish. However they are neither open on Sunday am nor Sunday pm. I was looking for some food between check-out from the hotel and check-in to a new hostel. Even though I may have already mentioned it, food is expensive in San Jose. I looked at a menu on a bog-standard looking restaurant. Something equivalent to a non-chain version of Casa Italia. Chicken and rice on the menu was £12, plus 13% VAT and a 10% service charge. I wouldn’t pay £15 for chicken fried rice even if was accompanied by Miss Costa Rica and Brian Ruiz!

I was hoping to have a good proportion of the job application forms filled in by now. In reality there’s something about lying in a hostel bar hammock and listening to music, that is not conducive to an efficient work output and I ended up spending the rest of today, most of tomorrow and a bit of Tuesday job hunting.