While yesterday was the anniversary of my departure from employment, today I’d been travelling for one year. That’s crazy to comprehend. For want of a better cliche, time flies when you’re having fun!

Most of today was spent applying for jobs. I made sure that I took a break to watch the Champions League Final though. Football is really popular in Costa Rica and this was a big game in this part of the world. Despite kick-off being at 1pm, the first two bars I tried to get in were full. I’d presumed that most Costa Ricans would be favouring Real Madrid, given the Spanish-language connection and their Costa Rican goalkeeper. However the bar I was in was about 50:50, judging by the replica regalia worn and the level of cheering goals. A Costa Rican fella told me that many people don’t like Real’s perceived arrogance and also given the tribal nature of football, fans of the rivals of Keylor Navas’ former club in Costa Rica would automatically want him to lose today!

As well as a laissez-faire approach to its military, Costa Rica authorities don’t seemed too bothered about gambling. This is one of the few places where I can log into my online accounts with no issues. When you don’t particularly like either team, having a bet certainly makes things more interesting. I was surprised to see that the bookies were offering well above even money on a Real Madrid victory within 90 minutes. With a Juventus no-show in the second half, this made for a comfortable winning bet, with the winning from a $5 covering the four bottles of Imperial beer I enjoyed during the game.