I wasn’t expecting to have much to write about today. Until mid-afternoon it uneventful, mostly pottering and job hunting. Then it began to rain…… heavily. It was so heavy that the noise generated on the tin roof meant that I couldn’t hear what someone two feet of me was saying, despite them shouting. Thunder and lighting soon followed. The first rumble of thunder was loud enough to make anyone jump and the proximity of the lightning indicated that we were in the epicentre of a corker of a storm. These sorts of things usually last for about a minute or two but after about ten minutes, if anything, the rainfall seemed to be getting heavier. The hostel was located on a hill and my room was in the basement so I headed down to check that things were OK. So far they were but I picked up everything from the floor and onto beds as a precaution. Fortunately this was just in the nick of time as within the next couple minutes water started appearing in the room.It seemed to be coming though a wall in a bathroom and flowing down some stairs via the corridor. The road outside seemed to have turned into a river with water travelling down at a rapid rate. Judging by the smell, the sewers had been rendered useless. I found a raised platform in at the end of the bedroom to sit and wait for the rain to stop. Amazingly this took an hour. Slightly amusingly after about half an hour, with most of the room being about two inches deep in water, a member of staff put out one of those slippery floor legal disclaimers out! I’d have been more worried about the risk of electrocution than slipping while wading around the building. Apparently this was the heaviest rainfall in San Jose since 1995. Roads around the city were collapsing. I was fortunate to be relocated into an upstairs room that I had all to myself.

Not long after it stopped raining some sort of event began in the hostel bar. From what I could figure out it seemed to be some sort of hip-hop album launch. There was a fella stood in front of a white screen and behind a laptop, occasionally posing for photos and handing out compact discs. The music was predominantly in Spanish with a few English swear words thrown in for god measure! People seemed to be calling in straight from work so the audience was made up of people who look like they were straight out of a rap video, people in office clothes and a few slightly bemused backpackers.

Flooded room