I was slightly concerned that today’s flight to Costa Rica involved a connection time in Bogota of little over an hour. Having previously been stranded in Bogota, once in a lifetime is more than enough for this to occur. The check-in clerk kindly transferred me onto an earlier flight, although it did involve running across Medellin Airport to make it in time.

Last time I was in Costa Rica I slightly surprised by how expensive things were. For instance a taxi from San Jose Airport into the city, a distance of twelve miles, costs £25. That’s with a meter and I even checked on the internet that this wasn’t some sort of dodgy meter but apparently £25 is around the going rate. I’d planned upon getting a bus into the city today but this went out of the window when a spectacular thunderstorm erupted just after landing.

On the aforementioned previous visit to San Jose I inadvertently stayed in the vicinity of what can only be described as the red light district. This time I opted for a quieter spot. I found the Hemingway Inn, a hotel where a room cost not considerably more than a hostel bed. The reviews weren’t terrible so I booked three nights here. Upon arrival I found the hotel to have plenty of character albeit slightly ramshackle. Some of the furniture appeared to have been around since Ernest Hemingway’s was in town. I stayed in the T Williams room. Next door was W Faulkner. Presumably full names weren’t used to save on signage fees which like everything in Costa Rica probably aren’t cheap! The Hemingway Inn is exactly the sort of quirky establishment you would find featured on Hotel Inspectors or Three in a Bed. One such quirk was the requirement to waggle the key in the door for a while in order to gain entry. If you’re lucky it would unlock in the first thirty seconds!

Hemingway Inn
Inside the Hemingway Inn