I didn’t write very favourably about San Jose on my last visit. It seemed a bit seedy, expensive and there’s wasn’t a huge amount of things to do. Walking around the city today, San Jose was nicer than I remembered. There’s some lovely colonial architecture, a nice pedestrianised area, some great cafes and a couple of decent city centre parks.

Today is the anniversary of the day I departed my old job. Coincidentally, I began to submit some application forms this afternoon. That was one of the reasons why I opted for a hotel, rather than a hostel, so that I could just sit in peace and get on with the applications. The only writing I’ve done during the past year is this blog and it has been in a very different style of writing than the formal English required for a job application. While proof reading the forms I spotted some dreadful grammar, the sort of appealing turn of phrase often found on here!

Parque Morazan
The rear of the National Theatre


The occasional architectural gem