As well as losing today in Los Angeles, the flight change to 10.45 this morning meant that I also had to be up at the crack of dawn in order to catch the shuttle bus to the airport. Finding the correct terminal was a bit of a challenge at LAX as most of the airlines had changed around terminals a couple of days ago. I eventually figured it out that I’d be flying out of the one next to the iconic Theme Building, the structure that resembles a flying saucer. This at least provided a photo for today’s blog entry.

I’ll be flying to Miami and then onto Colombia, somewhere I’ve already been to on this trip. There is a bit of reasoning behind this though. Back in November I was delayed for the best part of a day in Bogota, en route to Easter Island. This was shortly after the Chapecoense Air Disaster so I could hardly moan about a delayed flight. However LATAM sent me a feedback email. I completed the survey with my old criticism being that the customer service within the airport wasn’t great. Lo and behold I received a LATAM voucher for $600. The LATAM network is fairly limited outside of South America and as you’re paying full whack with a voucher, rather than discounted fares, $600 doesn’t get perhaps as far as you’d imagine. However it was sufficient to fly from Miami to Cartagena and onto Medellin. My tour of Colombia missed out Medellin, somewhere where most people I’ve spoken to who have have visited there say is a highlight. With about ten days to spare in Colombia I may as well also go back to Cartagena, a place I really enjoyed last time.

As well as less time in LA, another consequence of the rescheduled flight was that instead of a palatable 5-hour layover in Miami, it now became more like 24 hours. It was too short notice to find reasonably priced Saturday night accommodation. Therefore Miami Airport was tonight’s abode. At least only having hand luggage meant that I could sleep in the more comfortable air side part of the airport.