Cartagena has lots of murals and public artwork so today I headed out for a look. This idea turned into a bit of a disaster. Not the murals, they were great. It was also nice to walk around the quaint streets and stop off at a cafe for possibly the best omelette of all time. The first sign of it being a bad day was when I stubbed my toe on a cobble. The bleeding all over my flip-flop eventually stopped after about half an hour. Worse was still to come when it began to rain. For some reason in these sorts of hot places you never get a light drizzle. It’s inevitably a heavy downpour. Later in the afternoon I realised that I had my phone in the top pocket of my shirt. The combination of rainfall and perspiration had rendered it unusable. It was far from the soaking achieved from dropping it in the bath or toilet (both of which have happened previously), more a moderately damp feel. However unlike the aforementioned occasions, I was unable to get the phone to work again today. Going through three cameras via breakage/malfunction/loss was annoying but not having a phone was a step up from this. It’s not especially imperative for me to be glued to a phone all day. However not having access to Google Maps or a translator was a more practical concern. Both of these apps offer reassurance about me getting completely stuck in South America. My phone had also become my main source of entertainment though podcasts, as well as an alarm clock and being my only remaining camera. At least on this occasion I had learned the lesson of backing up the photos on it.