This morning Hollywood Boulevard was back open with normal service resuming. You’d have never known that a film premiere had taken place here 12 hours earlier. I headed towards East Hollywood. Historically some of the less affluent neighbourhoods of Los Angeles have been situated here but nowadays it’s largely full of cool young people.

As a bit of a fan of Frank Lloyd Wright architecture, I visited Barnsdall Art Park. The centrepiece of the park is Hollyhock House, the only Wright-designed building in LA. Today some sort of filming seemed to be taking place. Visitors were warned not to be alarmed if they heard shouting or gunshots. Barnsdall Art Park is located on a bit of a hill, providing nice views of the Griffith Park Observatory and the Hollywood sign.

People in LA don’t tend to walk very far. If I told someone from Los Angeles that I was planning to walk from Barnsdall Art Park, through Silver Lake and along to Echo Park, they’d have most likely looked at me as though I had three heads! I enjoy a walk though and continued along Sunset Boulevard. Outside of the terrific looking Vista Theatre a queue had formed to see the opening screening of Alien: Covenant. One of the reasons headed out this way was to see the mural featured on the cover of Elliott Smith’s album, Figure 8. Sadly it seems that some of the artwork has been replaced by a wine bar but I still wanted to check it out. I never made it that far though. With another day left in LA, I planned on coming back tomorrow and having a closer look around Echo Park. However that never happened, as will be explained in the next paragraph.

It’s a good job that I double-check flight times prior to travelling. I booked a flight to leave LA for Miami at 6.20am on Sunday. However the Delta website was saying that I was due to depart at 10.45am tomorrow. For legal reasons I don’t want to allege that Delta didn’t inform me of such a flight change but having checked my emails I couldn’t find any evidence of such a notification. In the initial draft of this blog I had a right moan about airline mergers, treating customers with contempt, dragging them off planes, etc. At risk of sounding like some sort of ranter and raver I’ll leave it at that!

Hollyhock House
Expect shouting and gun shots!
A distant Hollywood Sign and Griffith Park Observatory
Vista Theatre
Silver Lake (away from the lake)