Los Angeles is very much renowned for its eccentric people. I don’t want to make fun of the mentally ill, of which there are unfortunately many of here, but it’s certainly a place where you can be yourself. For instance today I saw a man walking a pig and nobody seemed to bat an eyelid. This was in a residential area of Hollywood Boulevard and the pig had a collar and lead, as though it was some sort of pet dog. It wasn’t one of those cute miniature pigs either, more like a huge wild boar. Unfortunately I was aboard a bus and didn’t have time to get the camera out.

Another adjective sometimes aimed at Los Angeles is pretentious and this is hard to deny. I’m not sure if I’ve lived a provincial life but today I saw a vegan clothes shop for the first time. While in the Grove Farmer’s Market I also spotted a dog bakery. While technically not bakery fare, I did notice that they were selling small bags of gluten-free Himalayan Dog Chews. It wasn’t exactly clear what was Himalayan about them but they cost more than I’d normally fork out for a sit-down meal.

I’ve mentioned previously on here that quite an interesting thing to do in LA or New York is to visit tapings of television shows. Tickets are free and you usually need to apply a few weeks in advance. The application asks why you want to attend, so a bit of pandering is usually required here. For The Late Late Show tonight, I said how I’ve always loved James Corden since the days of Gavin and Stacey, as well as playing the foreigner visiting on holiday card. That’s not strictly true about loving Corden. Gavin and Stacey was alright and as a chat show host he’s OK, fairly inoffensive yet perhaps a little square. Talk show guests are usually announced a week or so before recording so it can be a bit of a lottery who you get to see. As an adult male, Harry Styles and Jason Derulo didn’t really mean much to me. As an old-school hip-hop fan though, Ice Cube sounded like a half-decent guest. I say sounded because I never actually got in. After queuing along the street for around half an hour, the show was deemed to be full, nine people in front of me. They obviously over book these things as there were another 21 behind, including a teenage girl who seemed visibly upset, presumably about not getting to see Ice Cube!

I also attempted to get a ticket to see Dr Strangelove at one of those rooftop cinemas this evening. These seem to be all over the place nowadays but this one  had a great setting, atop of the Ricardo Montalban Theatre overlooking Hollywood Boulevard. However the ticket company couldn’t give a straight answer about whether the print-at-home ticket would be accepted on a phone screen, so in the end I didn’t bother. It’s fair to say that today wasn’t the most productive of days!


Queuing up
The closest I got to the CBS studio