During the last 10 days my carbon footprint hasn’t been great. Saigon-Hong Kong-Chicago-Phoenix-London-Los Angeles equates to over 20,500 miles. A lap of the world is less than 25,000 miles.

Los Angeles International Airport (or LAX as those in the trade call it), like much of LA, isn’t easy to get to or from. There’s a shuttle bus that would drop me off at the other end of Hollywood to where I’m staying. For the more adventurous this trip is also doable via public transport. A bus will take you to a metro station somewhere in south LA. From here two further subway changes will get you to Hollywood. On the way you pass through places I’d heard of via hip-hop songs, Inglewood, Compton, and so on. The train passed the iconic Watts Towers but I didn’t particularly want to start acting the tourist and take photos. I’d done a bit of internet research prior to this journey as to whether it’s safe. Apparently the trains are reasonably crime-free, especially in the daytime. You may not want to wander around some of the areas it passes through but onboard is usually OK. If I was wearing an Armani suit and carrying Gucci luggage I may have given this option a miss but with my scruffy beard, baseball cap and modest rucksack, I was able to blend in OK.

Most places I’ve visited seem to have been either been either too hot or cold. Today LA was prefect at 20C and not too sunny. Outside the hostel I checked my confirmation email to verify whether I’d already paid in advance. At this point I realised that the reservation started tomorrow. Among all the rescheduling last week I must have forgotten to find somewhere to stay tomorrow. Luckily Monday nights tend to be quiet and I was able to add an extra night on. All the recent travelling had put my body clock all over the place. Since being in Vietnam I’ve been in time zones BST +6, +7, -6, -7, 0 and -8. Amazingly these seemed to have cancelled each other out as tonight I fell asleep at the reasonably sensible hour of 10pm!