While Phoenix is a fairly new city, there are still some interesting historical buildings her. These include the iconic Hotel San Carlos and the Westward Ho building, both seen in Psycho. St Mary’s Basilica also looks great, set against a backdrop of more modern architecture.

Before heading to the airport I finally managed to get my tattoo finished. Not far from the tattoo shop is an interesting-looking billboard, depicting Donald Trump surrounded by mushroom clouds and dollar signs mimicking swastikas. Freedom of speech is a big deal in the USA. In the more restrictive UK there would probably be something illegal about this sign. Despite the billboard obviously being provocative, that shouldn’t necessarily mean that it should be banned though. Freedom of speech can sometimes go a bit too far in the US though. It’s hard to fathom that a 20-year-old buying a beer or walking across the road away from a crossing is illegal, yet in the eyes of the law there’s nothing wrong with calling someone the n-word. This is a travel blog and not a political opinion piece but I suppose travel teaches you that different societies have outlooks and viewpoints sometimes away from what you’d consider to be the norm.

At Phoenix Airport I was greeted by a notice at the check-in desk informing of a three-hour delay. The inbound flight had to make an unscheduled landing due to a child onboard being ill. I’m not sure if this information was conveyed in order to stop people complaining but that didn’t seem to stop a couple of people kicking off. We were provided with a $9 food voucher which doesn’t buy very much at airport prices. I decided to try one of those Starbucks sandwiches that contain about three bites and the sort of thing that you’d never spend $7 of your own cash on. I don’t think there are many international flights operating from this terminal, judging by the duty free shop. There actually wasn’t one, just three blocks of shelving in a corridor. There certainly weren’t any free aftershave samples on offer.

We were eventually on our way at around 11pm. Luckily I managed to get a back row spot which meant that the seat could be fully reclined without worrying about invading anyone’s personal space. An added bonus of a window seat with nobody next to me meant that I managed to get a lot of sleep in, as plane rides go.


Westward Ho
St Mary’s Basilica