The main thing that I wanted to see in Phoenix was Taliesin West, the Frank Lloyd Wright house and now museum, set outside the city. I presumed that visiting a major attraction wouldn’t be much of an issue. However looking further into this last night, I realised that getting there was far from straightforward. It would have involved a 15-minute walk to the light rail station, half an hour on the light rail, an hour on a bus and then a 3-mile walk. With it not being crazy hot by Phoenix standards at 27C, I was contemplating doing this. However the daily tours are at 9am and 10.15am, making this a non-starter. Even if I’d left at 6am I still may not have made it in time. This was more than a bit annoying!

Arizona is great for outdoorsy stuff. There’s all sorts of great hiking, including quite a few within Phoenix itself. Papago Park is easy to reach and isn’t far from the light-rail system, although it certainly feels as though you are in the desert. Within the park are some nice walks, such as the Hole in the Rock Trail. Believe it or not, this leads up to a geological formation of a hole in a rock! Despite the heat it was a fairly gentle stroll, with some nice views through the hole itself.

The Arizona Science Center currently has an exhibition entitled, Planet Shark: Predator or Prey. There must be some sort of irony in housing a shark exhibit in the middle of a desert! There was some beautiful documentary footage displayed on huge screens, as well as some interesting exhibits including a half-eaten surfboard courtesy of the survivor of a great white attack. The exhibition seemed to have a narrative that sharks are slightly misunderstood creatures. Since Jaws, sharks have gained notoriety but they are actually an important part of the maritime ecosystem and some species have become endangered nowadays. There was quite an interesting area that detailed things that kill more humans than sharks. These include taking selfies, toasters and falling coconuts. This still has tempted me back into swimming in the ocean though! I couldn’t be bothered looking around the rest of the Science Center. It was full of screaming school children. Obviously I hadn’t thought this visit out very well!

The Arizona Diamondbacks were playing the Deroit Tigers in tonight’s baseball game. There seemed to be Detroit fans everywhere. I suppose it’s logical with people migrating from the Mid-West to the warmer and up-and-coming economic regions like Florida, Texas, Arizona and California. No wonder there weren’t many people left in Detroit when I was there last summer!

Hole in the Rock


Planet Shark