This morning I flew to Phoenix, another place I’ve already been to. Having visited 32 states I’m kind of running out of places in the US to visit. I’d still love to go to Alaska and some of the national parks but you need more than two or three days for that. I was looking for somewhere between Chicago and Los Angeles, with Avios redemption availability and preferably a nice hostel. Phoenix fits the bills for this.

Phoenix Hostel is a homely sort of place, set in an oldish converted house. It’s in a nice part of the city, an arty area with lots of murals and the like. With check-in not until after 5pm, I had a few hours spare so decided to visit the cinema. I’ve recently lost touch a bit with film releases so judging from the posters and IMDB ratings I gambled on Get Out. Without giving away any spoilers it certainly wasn’t what I was expecting. I couldn’t get the film out of my head for hours, perhaps the ultimate accolade of a good horror film.

The hostel neighbourhood