Not far from the Chambok homestay is a nice waterfall. The scenery and an opportunity to swim in the cool water made the hot and somewhat sweaty walk through the jungle worthwhile.

A four-hour bus ride later saw us arrive in Sihanoukville. Back in the 1960’s this was a plush beach resort frequented by South-East Asia’s jet setters. Turmoil in Cambodia put paid to all of this, although the town has experienced a bit of a revival since the 2000’s. It was great to see that our Sihanoukville hotel not only had a swimming pool but also a fairly decent one.

We went out for some tea to one of the numerous beachfront restaurants that are actually located on the sand itself. There’s also pier nearby to dangle your legs off and watch the world go by. Although there’s plenty of beach bars to choose from, all playing ridiculously loud music, most establishments seemed very sparsely populated tonight, although I suppose that it is Wednesday.

Chambok waterfall
Sihanoukville beach by night as viewed from the pier