There’s always a bit of a dilemma about ensuring you have enough local currency to get back to the airport but not having lots of cash leftover, that is little more than worthless. I could have ordered an Uber that would have been charged via credit card, however if you request an Uber in Saigon a motorbike may turn up! Despite the horrendous traffic, the taxi fare still only came to around £5, meaning I had money left for one last Vietnamese coffee. I’ve never had an ice-coffee before so decided to try and get into the local spirit and give it a go. All I’ll say is, never again!

Saying I haven’t flown for about 6 weeks sounds like a ridiculously privileged statement to make but in terms of this trip that’s quite a while! After landing in Hong Kong in the evening there was little else to do but try and get some sleep in the airport. I managed to acquire a comfy chair which made for a half-decent kip. Of the dozen or so I’ve sampled, I’d probably consider Hong Kong as the best airport in the world for sleeping in!.

Uber, Saigon-style