Following yesterday’s escapades, today was inevitably a bit of a write-off. I quite fancied visiting the Angkor National but not waking up until after 2pm put paid to this idea. Instead I never got any further than the pool during the daytime. It’s now become so hot that my phone doesn’t seem to want to work properly. The touch screen often doesn’t respond as requested and on a couple of occasions it has turned itself off. To be honest I can’t really blame it!

Tonight we again headed out to Pub Street, albeit it in a slightly less sedate manner than last night. Unlike many of the drunken tourists I resisted the urge to stick my feet into one of those fish tanks in order to get your dead skin eaten. Those business owners seemed to be raking it in. Instead I watched the excellent FA Cup semi-final between Tottenham and Chelsea and headed back for a relatively early night. OK it was 1am but judging by how the town was still rocking then this is probably classed as an early night in Siem Reap!

Apologies for the awful cover photo today but I was kind of short of things that said Siem Reap!