The train pulled into Bangkok Station on time at 6am. Since losing my camera in Laos, I’ve hummed and harred about whether to replace it. I have a good camera at home that was too big to carry around on this trip and another decent camera that broke last year and hopefully can be fixed. The camera I’ve been using since hasn’t taken the best photos and therefore there’s little reason to get something similar that probably won’t be of much use in the future. My phone takes pictures similar in quality to a cheap digital camera so I’ll probably just stick with that.

In view of today’s hostel was an interesting looking building. The magic of the internet informed me that this is the Sathorn Unique Tower and it’s certainly has a fascinating history. It was designed to be a 49-storey skyscraper, housing luxury apartments. However during the 1997 Asian financial crisis, construction was halted with the building 80 percent complete. The developers went bust and despite numerous attempts to sell the building it has remained in a state of disrepair. At one point it became an attraction for urban tourists who’d gain illegal entry and have free reign of the building. However a couple of years ago the body of a tourist was found who’d supposedly committed suicide in the tower and since then security has been stepped up to keep trespassers out. Today it looks derelict and scruffy. With two huge billboards on the exterior, surely it’s one of the world’s most expensive advertising hoardings.

Bangkok Railway Station
Sathorn Unique Tower