The only trouble arriving someone early in the morning is that, more often than not, you can’t check-in until afternoon. After a overnight train, you’ll usually require a bit more sleep as well. Among the many decent things about the Deejai Backpackers Hostel (the name not being one of them) is its pool with shaded hammocks to lounge around in, probably the next best thing to a bed.

During the afternoon I wandered around Chaing Mai. It soon became apparent that despite being the fourth largest city in Thailand, Chaing Mai is certainly no Bangkok. In fact its population is about 1/25th of the capital’s. That’s not necessarily a bad thing as compact Chaing Mai is extremely walkable, as well as having a nice chilled out feel. The old town is really nice with ancient city walls that appear to be largely intact today. It’s surrounded by a series of picturesque moats that I managed do a lap around despite the temperature being well into the thirties Celcius.

I managed to tag along with a few people from the hostel by getting a tuk tuk up to the Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep temple, located on a hill overlooking the city. As usual the mist meant that the views weren’t that great. Back in town, a fair bit of the city centre seemed to be closed off for an enormous night market. Walking up and down seemingly endless homogeneous aisles got boring after a bit so I made my excuses and had a couple of beers while watching the football.

Tha Phae Gate (photo credit those_blonde_sisters via Instagram)
Part of the moats (photo credit joshuajcchai via Instagram)
Not the greatest Chaing Mai panorama
Chaing Mai night market (photo credit travel_tp via Instagram)


I managed to lose my camera in Laos and unfortunately hadn’t backed up any photos for a week or so. Therefore I’ve borrowed some photos from Instagram of pictures taken as close as possible to when I was in a location. I did consider asking permission to use these photos but communicating with around 50 people would have got complicated. I’ve credited all of the photos used and in some occasions cropped them to maintain a matching size ratio. If by chance anyone whose photo is used finds this blog and would like me to remove the photo please let me know and I apologise in advance.