There are quite a few activities to do in and around Chaing Mai. The main ones include elephant-related pursuits, trekking and the Flight of the Gibbon. I’ve mentioned before that I don’t really like elephant tourism. However from what I’ve heard, Chaing Mai has some sanctuaries where the welfare of elephants is of a good standard. The promotional literature is keen to promote that they have a no-riding policy and that the animals are well looked after. It still doesn’t appeal to me though as I don’t really want to contribute towards the demand within the elephant industry. Seeing gibbons seems to involve zip-lining, a pursuit that I can take or leave. Everyone I met who did the Flight of the Gibbon seemed to enjoy it though. While there are some things that I’d spend £90 on this probably isn’t one of them. I also quite like a bit of a trek but not in this heat or humidity, so that option was also out of the window. Instead I had a reasonably relaxing day strolling around Chaing Mai.

As I mentioned yesterday, Chaing Mai is really nice. There are lots of nice cafes to stop at in order to escape the excessive heat. City walls seem to automatically make a place more scenic and Chaing Mai also has plenty of nice temples. It also has a lot of bars and being in a sociable hostel it was easy to find people to go out with at night. As with most other parts of Thailand, bar closing times seem to be strictly enforced in Chaing Mai. It seemed a bit strange for a whole street of bars to be absolutely rocking at 12.30am and then be deserted half an hour later.

Chaing Mai city walls (photo credit chunsom)
Chaing Mai riverfront (photo credit danaiworld via Instagram)
Lots of nice ruins around the moats (photo credit scropioct via Instagram)


I managed to lose my camera in Laos and unfortunately hadn’t backed up any photos for a week or so. Therefore I’ve borrowed some photos from Instagram of pictures taken as close as possible to when I was in a location. I did consider asking permission to use these photos but communicating with around 50 people would have got complicated. I’ve credited all of the photos used and in some occasions cropped them to maintain a matching size ratio. If by chance anyone whose photo is used finds this blog and would like me to remove the photo please let me know and I apologise in advance.