Having been pleasantly surprised that Pattaya wasn’t the complete sleaze-fest that I expected, I decided to stay for three more nights. I quite fancied somewhere with a pool. Due to the huge hotel capacity of the resort I was able to find such a place at a very reasonable price. The hotel seemed to have most of its clientele as part of Russian and Indian package holidays. Thankfully neither of these countries appear to have a culture of reserving poolside loungers with towels although a huge amount of morning rain delayed any pool activity.

During the rain I had a look around the night market which also seems to be open during the day. For less than a fiver I managed to acquire a Thai Red Bull t-shirt and a couple of pairs of Bjorn Borg boxer shorts. Granted, that’s not the best anecdote but I need to write something in this blog.

The recent time change back in the UK has made watching football in South-East Asia even better. With the six hour time difference I managed to watch the early game with some nice Thai food and the late match was finished by 1am.