Most of today was spent alternating between the pool and the air conditioned hotel room. Afterwards I went out for a couple of drinks in town. Monday night seemed a bit slow, business-wise. Upon hearing a band playing I headed into a bar to find that there were precisely no customers inside. Before I had chance to sneak out, two members of staff had pounced on me to take my order. The band were fairly decent, although it was slightly weird getting a private performance and you certainly feel obliged to clap in order to break the awkward silence in between songs.

As a huge people watching fan, Pattaya provides opportunities for this in abundance. You get used to seeing all sorts of moped use that would get a horrified reaction back home. I still grimace when I see two-year-olds clinging onto the back of a scooter driver while not wearing a crash hat. Seeing a dog riding on a scooter today made me laugh though. When the traffic stopped it would jump off, have a wonder around and then chase after its owner when the scooter started moving again. In the second bar I visited tonight, there was also a band playing. Again there were very few patrons. There was me, a bloke in an Everton shirt and his Thai other half. They were dancing to REM’s Losing My Religion in a style that would be deemed extravagant even on Strictly Come Dancing. I have a photo but wouldn’t want to post it on the internet in case it caused embarrassment to any family members, with the internet being widespread even in rural Thailand nowadays! That really did happen rather than it being an attempt to shoehorn a fairly poor gag into today’s slim blog pickings.