I’m a big fan of Holiday Inn Express hotels. As well as an excellent breakfast included in the rate, they also offer a late check-out to members of their loyalty scheme. By the time I eventually left at 2pm, a lot of the day had been wasted. With a few more upcoming days in Bangkok I wasn’t especially bothered.

Bangkok has a great Skytrain system that operates just above street level and looks like something straight out of Blade Runner. The BTS was able to take me almost door to door as I moved from the hotel to a hostel today. Although the hostel was perfectly fine they were slightly stingy with the air con, which doesn’t get switched on until 6pm. Air conditioning is one of those things that you barely notice until you haven’t got it and paying slightly more for an air con room is as good a way to spend a pound as there is.

The Sukhumvit area of Bangkok can certainly be described as eclectic. Within a few streets from where I’m staying you’ll find loads of hostels and 5-star hotels, markets and swish shopping malls, skyscrapers and dilapidated buildings, massage parlours (of varying degrees of legitimacy), as well as a lot of nightlife. Apparently there are interesting cabaret options nearby but there’s no way I’d go to a ping-pong performance alone, especially after hearing some rip-off stories from people at the hostel.

The BTS Skytrain