After last night’s escapades around the licensed establishments of Sukhumvit, today was another lazy day. Eventually I got sweated out of bed when the hostel turned off the air conditioning in the room.

I quite like Thai cinemas. They are usually modern, cheap and air-conditioned, meaning that they’re a great escape from the afternoon heat. However there wasn’t anything showing that I even remotely fancied watching. Instead I went to get my haircut. Anticipating potential communication issues I came prepared with a photo of the required style on my phone and this seemed to do the trick. Even for a Thai person the lady who cut my hair smiled a lot. She had a permanent grin as though she’d just won the lottery, to an extent of almost seeming to be having a manic episode. This lady would cheer up even the most miserable and cynical person. Afterwards I never made it much further than watching the football with some expats in the Kiwi Bar.