Many tourists seem to feel the need to get a Thai-style tattoo while on holiday there. While I’m sure that some people may have put thought into this process, I’d imagine that a lot of these art pieces are impromptu, possibly at the behest of alcoholic. The Angelina Jolie back design is one of the popular tattoos. Today I saw a bloke with a fresh tattoo that contained a whole series of intricate local designs. I asked him what it meant. He shrugged his shoulders and said, “I don’t know. Something to do with good luck maybe.” Hopefully for his sake it was! Buddha tattoos are illegal in Thailand. You are reminded of this through signs at the airport that explain how it is disrespectful. Why someone would want religious imaginary of a faith that they don’t follow seems a bit strange to me but each to their own I suppose.

Nothing much happened today. I wandered around the cafes, bars and beach of Patong before returning to the nice air-conditioned room to watch a bit of Netflix on the excellent WiFi connection.

Patong town centre
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