Out and about in Bangkok it was noticeable that drivers on the gridlocked streets are reasonably patient. There doesn’t seem to be constant honking of horns and shouting that I’ve noticed in India and the Philippines. Maybe it’s Buddhism that makes people a bit more laid back.

Taking a boat ride along the Chao Phraya River is a great way to see Bangkok. I splashed out almost £1 to travel on the tourist boat. This seems to follow a similar route to the cheaper locals version. The extra space on the boat I travelled on was much more conducive to photograph taking.

Despite a recent time of political uncertainty there still seems to be lots of construction work taking place around Bangkok. There are countless articles on the internet that explain what is happening in Thailand more accurately and eloquently than me. Also I’ll likely be passing through Thailand again in a few weeks and don’t fancy ending up in the Bangkok equivalent of the Gulag so I’ll leave the Thai political discussion alone.

St Patrick’s Day is alive and well in Bangkok. There’s something slightly strange about seeing locals wearing those daft big green hats and drinking pints of Guinness. I gave £5 Guinness’ a miss and stuck to the £2 Changs, although I ended up having a couple more than anticipated while watching the televised horse racing at the Cheltenham Festival. Staying up to watch the Gold Cup was a bit of an anti-climax and the tip that I received can only be described as a bit of a dud.

Another tribute to the King
Wat Arun under renovation
A river panorama
Wat Pho from the river