This morning’s flight time to Phuket was a bit of a funny one, departing at 9am. Any public transport problems could have meant that getting up early may have been seriously pushing it, time-wise. Hence I went for the safe option of staying at Hong Kong Airport last night.

Even short-haul Cathay Pacific flights seem to have the full entertainment options. You need to make sure that if watching a film it will be over before landing. I opted for Manchester By The Sea. While undoubtedly a good film, it’s hardly the sort of subject matter to put you in holiday mood en route to Phuket.

The old joke was something about not being sure whether to go on holiday to Thailand with the punchline being, “Phuket, that’s where I’m going.” This was barely funny in the 1990’s. I thought that most people nowadays know that it’s “Poo-get,” although when people genuinely mispronounce the name and make it sound a bit rude, I can’t hep but smile.

I’ve been to Phuket before and wasn’t overly impressed. On that occasion I stayed with a friend who was working in Phuket Town at the time. In hindsight part of the reason why I didn’t like it was that I’d travelled a crazy journey from Jacksonville, Florida via New York, Moscow and Bangkok before eventually reaching Phuket through planes, trains and automobiles about 72 hours later. I think I slept for the first two days I was there and remained jet-lagged for the rest of the time. Since then I’ve found out that Phuket is all about the beaches so I decided to give it another go and this time visit the big resort of Patong.

Patong is a fair way from Phuket Airport, about 30 miles. The most economical way to do this journey is via a minibus shuttle. Not far from the airport the bus stopped off at an office. Everyone was ordered off the minibus. The official reason for this was to inform the office staff of our destination hotels so they could plan the route around Patong. This didn’t make a great deal of sense to me. By some sort of strange coincidence (or perhaps not) we were then asked we would like to purchase some of their excursions!

After having not had a great sleep last night in Hong Kong Airport, I spent the rest of the day lazing around the hotel. Having a room with a balcony is great. As well as the people-watching opportunities it also provided somewhere to hang out washing. In this sort of heat you can easily go through three outfits a day.