Today’s flight to Cebu was from the airport next to Boracay rather than the one that I flew into, which is an hour and a half away. Caticlan Airport has an interesting setup. It’s another airport that you can walk to, about five or ten minutes from the Boracay ferry terminal. To say its short of land would be something of an understatement. There’s either coast, roads or housing immediately surrounding the airport. Houses are less than 50 yards from the runway so it must be as windy as anything for residents when planes takes off or land. Luggage weight is strictly monitored. This is to presumably ensure that the plane can actually get off the ground before it runs out of runway. Apparently there have been four incidents in the last decade of planes missing the runway, although thankfully nobody was killed. Due to a lack of space you can’t board the plane outside the gate here. You are instead bussed to a lay-by at the far end of the site where the plane is parked. If I’d have known all this in advance perhaps the hour and a half minibus ride would may have sounded more attractive.

Cebu City is the second biggest city in the Philippines. From what I saw of the place it’s like a smaller scale version of Manila. Traffic is equally horrendous and the shopping mall fetish is also alive and well in Cebu. I don’t make a habit of visiting such establishments but there was one right next to where I was staying and I quite like food courts. Granted the meals served are unlike to excite Michelin judges but there’s usually a decent choice, the food is cheap and hopefully hygienic. Also I don’t have to sit around on my own like a lemon for half an hour awaiting my meal, as I would in a restaurant.

There were supposedly 800 shops in this mall and I couldn’t find any beard dye. No offence to any of my ginger or grey friends but this doesn’t look brilliant in a beard. There obviously mustn’t be a demand for such a product here. I could find hair dye but wasn’t entirely sure whether this would do the job. Also I could only find black and dark brown products which I suppose are the common shades in Asia.

I didn’t really fancy venturing around Cebu City after dark so never really got to see much of the place. From what I’ve heard though there isn’t a huge amount to see in the city itself. Most of the best attractions are on the surrounding islands which is where I’m off to tomorrow.