Getting from Alona Beach to Cebu Airport involved a tricycle, ferry and taxi ride. Prior to the safety demo on the ferry there was a prayer broadcast on the television requesting a safe trip. This seemed slightly bizarre to me especially as there wasn’t one on the outward journey. Maybe it was because it’s Sunday! A Sunday in Cebu is an excellent day to drive as the taxi driver informed me. Today it only took twenty minutes to get between the city and the airport instead of the hour spent negotiating traffic last Wednesday.

Cebu Airport charges what it describes as an Airport Terminal Fee. I won’t start moaning about the concept but you have to pay 750 pesos in cash before you are allowed to proceed into departures. This was something that I was unaware of so naturally I was 2 pesos short. They accepted US dollars and thankfully I had some of those to pay with. This meant that I still possessed 748 pesos to spend in the airport. I opted for my first Filipino culinary delight. Chicken and pork adobo is classic Philippines fare. It’s essentially meat and rice in quite a tasty sauce.

Cathay Pacific are becoming my favourite airline. They have good availability for Avios redemptions, hardly charge any tax on such flights, the staff tend to be pleasant, and they provide hot meals, free alcohol and films on flights that are little more than two hours long, such as tonight. You can even watch the films during takeoff and landing so I just about managed to fit Arrival in. It’s certainly an interesting film although I still can’t decide whether or not I like it.

Hong Kong Airport is one of the more interesting airports that you’ll find. I remember seeing a documentary about it. The old airport was somewhere close to the city and there were loads of near misses with planes flying extremely close to skyscrapers in order to get onto the tight runway. A new airport was built during the 1990s. The only problem was that there wasn’t not enough flat land in Hong Kong to build on. So at humongous expense they levelled out a hilly area on one of the outer islands and used the rubble to reclaim land that was previously sea. Therefore the resulting gleaming airport is largely located on a man-made island. With a late arrival into Hong Kong Airport I decided to kip there. As airport sleeping goes it was fairly comfortable as would be expected from its ranking as vying for the best in the world, alongside Singapore.

Chicken and pork adobo