Today I just did what most people who come to Boracay on holiday seem to do, walked around the shops and visited the beach. No alarm clock is required here and it was nice to wake up when you want. The temperature got a bit too hot for me so I headed back to hostel to do some laundry. I managed to find a bit of shade on the rooftop terrace. The WiFi good was enough to stream Netflix so I watched some House Of Cards. It was then back down to the beach to enjoy the sunset with a couple of happy hour beers. The numerous sail boats in the water make for some great sunset silhouette photos.

One thing I’ve noticed is how popular basketball is in Philippines. It defiantly appears to be bay far the most popular sport over here. The NBA is on television sets everywhere, team shirts are popular and everywhere I’ve been there’s games taking place, often on makeshift courts. Presumably it’s a result of the American colonial influence. I was going to mention something about it being strange when most people in the Philippines tend to be of a shorter stature but didn’t want to sound slightly racist!

White Beach
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