The main activity to do on Panglao is diving. Indeed many people come here especially to dive with some excellent nearby sites as well as the water being warm and clear. You can also go on boat trips to nearby islands and swim with whale sharks if that’s your cup of tea. It’s also a general holiday place where people lounge around. That is exactly what I did today.

There are lots of good beach bars on Alona Beach so I spent a couple of hours in these this afternoon. One in particular had a right collection of characters. When I walked in there were two men talking to each other. One was Australian who was probably slightly older than me and the other American. I heard him say that he was in the Vietnam War so he was likely late-60s. They were later joined by their wives who were both of Philippines origin. It’s easy to snigger and be judgmental so I always try to be open-minded about people. The Aussie had a rapport with his wife and they seemed like a standard couple. The wife of the American looked about 14 but I heard him say that she was 24. I would have felt creepy to go out with someone so young-looking so with him being almost old enough to be my granddad it was pure sleaze! Then Dave from Norwich walked into the bar, along with his partner. You can probably guess where she’s from. At this point I was the only person in the place with a Filipino wife! I’d forgotten about this concept with so-called Thai-brides being all the rage in recent years. Dave didn’t seem to be a particularly nice fellow.  Without wishing to be rude he came across as a bit of a gobshite. Most of the time he talked to me, barely acknowledging his wife. I think he eventually bought her a drink when he was on his third beer. Dave ordered some food, ate a whole fish sandwich himself and then gave his other half a few of the chips that were left! With Alona Beach being a relatively small place I walked into another bar later on where Dave and Mrs Dave where. Luckily he hadn’t clocked me so I was able to sneak out without get stuck into conversing with him again!

Alona Beach
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