The rain that I was hoping for to clear the air so that I could visit Nagarkot to see the Himalayas came a day too late. It must have been a right downpour overnight as there was water running down Kathmandu’s cobbled streets this morning. This meant that for the first time since I’ve been here it was possible to make out some surrounding hills around the city. I never got to see the Himalayas. Apparently there’s a great view of them from flights in and out of Kathmandu. I discovered this on a website that even tells you the best place to sit, depending upon the direction of travel. However we drove into Kathmandu and tonight I’d be flying out in the pitch dark. I’ve very much enjoyed Nepal and the people here have been really nice. One day I’d like to return and hopefully do the Everest Base Camp Trek.

With the flight from Kathmandu not departing until 11pm, most of today was spent hanging around Kathmandu’s cafes. I did a bit of reading, as well as quite a lot of arguing with IHG about the £44 of beer I drank to get 22000 hotel points the other week in Croydon. Initially the bill was not registered on their system, they then denied that I spent the money in the bar, then they claimed that I didn’t ask for it to be billed to my room, before finally using a load of waffle to allege that the terms and conditions weren’t met. It took 11 emails back and forth before I was finally given the points. There’s another company to add to the poor customer service list.

There was all sorts of appalling aeroplane etiquette on tonight’s flight. I’d booked a window seat in order to try and get a bit of sleep en route to Hong Kong. When I arrived at the seat there was already someone sitting in it. I pointed this out and he moved to his assigned seat. He was travelling with an elderly lady and when he got up to move she went into my seat and fell asleep faster than a narcoleptic. There was no rousing her very easily. Her younger relative didn’t fancy his middle seat somewhere else so he was back. By some sort of miracle he managed to wake the old lady and they swapped. I wasn’t falling for this scam again and made sure I got the window seat this time. To add to the terrible plane behaviour, someone then started walking down the aisle as the plane was careering down the runway to take off!

A much clearer evening in Kathmandu
The only Everest I saw in Nepal