I’d pencilled in a trip to Nagarkot today. This is supposed to be a great place to view the Himalayas. There’s no point in coming to Nepal and not seeing them. Considering how close it is to Kathmandu, Nagarkot isn’t especially easy to get to. You can get the public bus there, which involves a change of buses. It’s not supposed to be the most comfortable journey though. Depending upon your negotiating skills, a taxi will cost about £20-£25 each way. I’m not overtly opposed to either option if it meant that I’d see some amazing scenery. However at the moment visibility isn’t great. I’m not a big Instagrammer (as the kids say), but one of its functions that I like is that you can find photos taken at a specific place at a certain time. Fishing through all of the pouting selfies I noticed that the current views aren’t great and there no chance of seeing Mt Everest. That was annoying but I suppose not as irritating as spending  hours travelling there only to find that out!

Right in the middle of the Thamel tourist district of Kathmandu is the Kathmandu Guest House. This is a historic hotel and they’re keen to celebrate this with lots of photos around the lobby detailing the institution in days gone by. Edmond Hilary would visit the hotel before and after his Everest expeditions. A walk of fame in the garden also commemorates some of the more famous guests including Robert Redford, The Beatles, Jimmy Carter and Ricky Martin! The Kathmandu Guest House used to have a range of rooms, from fancy suites to a backpackers accommodation. In the past Intrepid Tours used this hotel. However the wing where they would stay never survived the 2015 earthquake. Ajay said that the room that he was in a few days previously ended up as rubble. Now the hotel seems to have been rebuilt and looks nice. A coffee in its gardens isn’t cheap by Nepal standards but it’s a nice tranquil escape from the hectic streets on the other side of the wall.

With Nepal being a relatively inexpensive country to visit, I was able to try some of the better rated establishments on TripAdvisor. Currently ranked first on the website is the Blueberry Kitchen. The food was really nice and they had some great reggae-style cover versions playing.

Kathmandu Guest House history
Kathmandu Guest house garden