As with every other day there was plenty of activity taking place on the streets of Kathmandu. Throngs of pedestrians were dodging motorbikes, music was blaring out from bars, men on the streets were selling anything and everything. You don’t actually have to rely on street traders for contraband items here though. Obviously Nepalese Trading Standards don’t mind about the plethora of hiking gear, DVDs and electronic goods that may not exactly be 100% kosher. In Kathmandu you can get a North Face rucksack, some Beats by Dre headphones and a couple of box sets, and still have change from £20! There’s also two types of Red Bull for sale here. I’m not saying one is hooky by the way for legal reasons. In addition to the bog standard blue and silver can, you can get a yellow version that costs about a third of the price. This yellow can also has one of those detectable ring-pulls that I haven’t seen since I was a kid.

To escape from the chaos I spent a couple of hours in the Garden of Dreams. It’s a pleasant enough place to sit in the shade on the grass and have a read. The Garden of Dreams seems to be the place for Nepalese teenagers to take photos of each other.

While Hindu is the prominent religion in Nepal, there is famously a significant Buddhist culture. Plenty of regalia is also on display in Kathmandu that supports the plight of nearby Tibet. A lot of refugees have fled from Tibet into Nepal and there’s quite a bit of Tibetan cuisine on offer. I enjoyed some excellent momos today.

While certain aspects of the British media and football authorities would have you believe that most of the world are glued to their television sets whenever an English game is being played, I couldn’t find anywhere showing the Burnley v Lincoln game. A couple of bars had the Athletico Madrid match on and one place was even showing Manchester United v Watford from last weekend! They couldn’t even find today’s big FA Cup clash on their schedule. Therefore it was back to the hotel to use the magic of the internet. The WiFi wasn’t the best and the picture and sound didn’t sync so I knew Lincoln had scored before actually seeing it.

Nepalese Red Bull
The Garden of Dreams