For some reason Kathmandu has been the first place I’ve noticed where it has not been possible to download Google Maps for offline use. What made it even more difficult to navigate was the lack of street signage and many of the often narrow roads and alleyways looking almost the same. I managed to get a bit lost while trying to find Durbar Square. It wasn’t a big deal though as I eventually found something I recognised. On the way I walked through a great looking square that wasn’t mentioned in the guide book.

Durbar Square itself is OK. It’s home to some nice architecture, although unfortunately it has suffered a lot from earthquake damage. A lot of construction work is taking place to repair some of the buildings that have partly fallen down. Nearby to Durbar Square is what is colloquially known as Freak Street. Back in the day when Kathmandu was considered an exotic travel destination this was the counter-culture epicentre. It’s probably been long since sanitised as it doesn’t look too freaky to me, more like most other streets in the touristy areas of Kathmandu.

A nice square that I stumbled upon
Durbar Square earthquake damage
Inside the Durbar Square
Freak Street