Stevenage is perhaps not an obvious place to stay while visiting London. Under my original plans though, tonight I was supposed to be flying from Amsterdam into nearby Luton Airport. Therefore I had already paid for a room at the Holiday Inn that overlooks Stevenage shopping precinct. Stevenage is just an 18-minute train ride from Kings Cross so it’s actually much quicker to get reach from central London than Croydon.

It’s easy to bash some of the UK new towns but parts of Stevenage town centre have a bit of a feel of Soviet Union-style town planning. Outside the train station is the Stevenage Walkway of Fame. To be fair there aren’t a vast number of household names inducted here. Probably the most prestigious son of Stevenage according to the wall is that famous overseas resident, Lewis Hamilton. I wonder how often Lewis visits Stevenage?

After a Wetherspoons Steak Day dinner, I spent most of the evening on the phone to family and call centres, attempting to sort stuff out and probably losing a fair few brain cells from the mobile radiation in the process!

Stevenage town centre