Today I walked from the hostel in Queens to the Staten Island Ferry Terminal at the bottom of Manhattan. This is a fair trek, over 9 miles according to the FitBit app. It was a really nice way to spend a few hours though, listening to podcasts, looking at buildings and stopping off at the numerous sights of interest on the way. This was the first time I’d seen the Frank Gehry building, 8 Spruce Street, and it looks great.

For frugal travellers, the ferry to and from Staten Island is one of best deals you’ll find in New York. It’s free. While the vessel is primarily intended for commuters and residents of borough of New York that everyone seems to forget about, a fair few tourists also make the journey to the island around the coast past Brooklyn. There’s no outside deck or viewing platform, although you can get a bit on an unobstructed view by standing on the small balcony at the rear of the ferry. It’s easy to spot the tourists who will be the people lined along the window, attempting to get a picture of the Statue of Liberty through a clean section of the window glass. Meanwhile the commuters will be sitting down and reading the paper.

I’d written a long paragraph about the Staten Island Ferry Octopus Disaster to go here. Thankfully before I published it and looked like a bit of a wally, I double checked the story, only to discover that it is actually a hoax!

One of the classics, The Empire State Building
Another classic and probably my favourite, The Chrysler Building
8 Spruce Street
The Staten Island Ferry
Another of the New York classics