I didn’t really feel the need to set an alarm clock for this morning after going to bed at 4pm yesterday afternoon. However I managed to get a good 19 hours of kip in, sleeping all the way through to 10.45am and almost missing the check-out time. The budget hotel tour of London continued today at the Holiday Inn Express in Croydon. There’s a direct bus from Heathrow to Croydon that seemed to take forever, almost two hours, to get from west to south London. Currently the IHG hotel chain has a promotion where members are given targets to reach in order to obtain bonus points. One of mine was to spend $39 in their bars and restaurants for an additional 10,000 IHG points. They’re worth about £40 so providing I met the target, the hotel was effectively paying for me to drink there. This evening I drank a decent chunk of the $39 while watching some FA Cup football in the bar.