A flight from Las Vegas to New York takes up most of the day. I departed Vegas at dawn and by the time the plane landed in Newark it was dark. There’s the five and a bit hours spent in the air, two hours transferring at Charlotte Airport and a further three hours in time that has jumped forward. The flight itself was reasonably forgettable.

There’s a decent rail service between Newark Airport and New York City. At this time of night on Sundays three trains per hour run. The problem was that they seem to be concentrated into a 15 to 20 minute window each hour. Naturally I had to wait for almost 40 minutes until the next train. The New York subway was a bit confusing with some lines not operating on Sundays and others closed due to engineering work. There were lots of routes to get to the hostel in Queens though, so eventually I figured it out.

For one of the world’s great cities, New York hardly has amazing hostel options. Most people want to stay in Manhattan where the hostels seem to be either extortionately priced or have mixed reviews. There’s a good one up at 100-and-something Street and while technically in Manhattan it’s a fair way from Times Square. Instead I found a place in Queens that looked nice, was reasonably priced and was only four subway stops from Midtown Manhattan. It probably gets overlooked due to not having a Manhattan address but that shouldn’t be a big deal. With the hostel located close to an overground subway station it meant that the passing trains all night were a bit noisy. However you can’t have it both ways and the convenience to public transport was the winner for me.