Last night, for the first time in about twenty years…… That may sound like a Blankety Blank question but the answer was that I was sick in bed. As in literally sick. By the time I awoke and realised what was happening I probably wouldn’t have made it down from the top bunk to the toilet or sink. Without going into graphic detail I had to tactically barf underneath the pillow. I have a fair idea of the prime suspects in causing this illness, having only eaten two things yesterday. However as they are both large multinational companies who I don’t really fancy getting sued by, I perhaps shouldn’t divulge further.

For the rest of the day I felt as rough as anything and struggled to even make it out of bed so therefore didn’t get any further than the hostel couch today. Today I was supposed to be going to see a filming of Late Night with Seth Myers. As with all of the late night television talk shows in the US, free tickets are issued. You need to apply weeks in advance and therefore have no idea who the guests may be. Seth Myers is probably in the tier of talk shows below the Jimmy Fallons and Jimmy Kimmels (to use the grammatically incorrect football terminology). Sometimes he has big names on his show though. In the week there’s been Jude Law and Michael Keaton. Robert De Niro is due on next week. However tonight’s guest were a bit disappointing. They were Idina Menzel who’s apparently a big Broadway star and Melissa Benoist who plays Supergirl in the telly show. There’s an option to cancel the tickets and let someone on the waiting list have them so yesterday I did that and instead purchased a ticket for the Brooklyn Nets basketball game. Due to the aforementioned sickness I ended up spending the evening in bed.